Friday, January 1, 202112:00pm

First Fridays with Robert Black

“First Fridays with Robert Black” welcomes the New Year with music by Robert. First on the program is “IT Music” – whimsical and quirky musical miniatures where the double bass is played every which way except the ‘normal’ way. Favorites include Zip IT, Beat IT, Rub IT, See IT, Creak IT, and more! Up next will be “The Possessed Improvisations” – music from Robert’s “Possessed” project – a series of improvisations with nature in the wild, rugged, and spiritual canyonlands of Southwestern Utah. Feel the bliss-factor.

“First Fridays with Robert Black” is a monthly series of virtual mini-concerts featuring brand-spanking new, recently new, and kind of new music for solo double bass – streaming from his home studio in Hartford, Connecticut, at noon (EST). Whether you’re having your morning coffee in Los Angeles, or lunch in New York, or that first glass of wine in Paris, or a late supper in Tashkent, tune in for some cool and compelling music.

First Fridays with Robert Black - Jan 1

Thursday, February 4, 20217:30pm

Laraaji and L’Rain Live Online

Originally conceived and programmed for the Long Play festival, Bang on a Can, BOMB Magazine, and The Jewish Museum will collaboratively present a live concert performance by Laraaji from his home studio in New York City, and L’Rain and Laraaji in conversation.

This bill showcases a pair of artists, both long champions of NYC’s DIY music scene, who represent two distinct voices in the evolution of ambient music. Bang on a Can and BOMB Magazine will present a live concert performance by Laraaji from his home studio in New York City, and L’Rain and Laraaji in conversation.

Laraaji and L'Rain Live Online

Friday, February 5, 202112:00pm

First Fridays with Robert Black

Nick Dunston: Fainting is Down, Whooshing is Up
Ailie Robertson: The Bells Are All Silent
Ken Thomson: Birds and Ambulances

This performance revisits three recently premiered works from this season’s Bang on a Can Marathons. Hear the wild and wonderous energy of Nick Dunston, the tender and touching music from Ailie Robertson and Ken Thomson’s powerful yet poignant pandemic portrait. If you heard these pieces on one of the Bang on a Can Marathons, then you’ll enjoy a deeper dive into the music. If you’re hearing them for the first time, well…. you’re in for a treat!

First Fridays with Robert Black - Feb 5

Sunday, February 21, 20211:00pm

Bang on a Can Marathon – Live Online

Jakhongir Shukur: Potter’s Wheel performed by Robert Black
Jennifer Walshe: Happiness Starts Right Now
Maria Huld Markan Sigusdottir: Pending performed by Chi-Chi Nwanoku OBE
Gabriel Kahane: Hollywood & Vine performed by Arlen Hlusko
Gregory Spears: A Distant Ridge of Earth performed by David Byrd-Marrow
Kristina Wolfe: new work performed by Molly Barth
Amir Elsaffar: Thaw for bass clarinet solo, performed by Ken Thomson
Bora Yoon: Postcards from the Pacific
Matthew Shipp: Spaceman’s Blues
Joel Thompson: Supplication and Compensation performed by Anthony Roth Costanzo
Rohan Chander: △ or THE TRAGEDY OF HIKKOMORI LOVELESS from FINAL//FANTASY performed by Vicky Chow
David Cossin: A. C. T.
Eve Beglarian: A Solemn Shyness performed by Lara Downes
Ingrid Laubrock: ​Inkblots
Molly Herron: Canon No. 4 performed by Maya Stone
Alvin Lucier: Weirs for electric guitar and resonant objects performed by Mark Stewart

New Year! New Hope! New Commissions! On February 21, Bang on a Can presents an entire marathon of PREMIERES! 16 brand new works by 16 pioneering composers. Tune in to hear 4 hours of nonconformist, noncommercial, mind-blowing music. Alvin Lucier!  Jennifer Walshe! Matthew Shipp! Ingrid Laubrock! Gabriel Kahane! and many many more.

Friday, March 5, 202112:00pm

First Fridays with Robert Black

James Tenney: Beast
Stuart Saunders Smith: Tunnels
Rifat Komachkov: Sonata

The March edition of “First Fridays with Robert Black” basks in some highly unusual music from an already unusual repertoire. Hear what happens at the intersection of Science and Art in James Tenney’s Beast, witness the dazzling wordplay theatrics of Stuart Saunders Smith’s Tunnels, and marvel at the bizarre bowing techniques of Rifat Komachkov’s Sonata. Music that will fascinate, electrify, and amaze.

Saturday, March 6, 20212:00pm

Sasha Waltz & Guests dancing to In C

Celebrated German Dance Company Sasha Waltz & Guests presents a live-from-Berlin viewing of a new dance performance to Terry Riley’s In C.

In 1964, Terry Riley kicked off a revolution with his landmark piece, In C. In 2001, Bang on a Can released a recording of their interpretation of the minimalist classic with a singular combination of amplified instruments from around the globe, propelling Riley’s transcendental masterpiece into the future. This recording on Cantaloupe Music was on The New York Times’ Top 10 Classical CDs of 2001 and Top 10 Pop CDs of 2001, as well as the No. 1 Ambient/Instrumental Record in Pulse.

On March 6, the Berlin-based dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests offers a live viewing of a brand new and innovative artistic process incorporating both digitally recorded and live formats, based on the musical foundation of In C. Waltz and her dancers have developed choreographic material that follows a similarly variable structure and is deliberately designed not to be a finished stage piece. This performance will be set to Bang on a Can’s 2001 recording (get it here!)

Sunday, March 7, 20213:00pm

Sonatra Watch Party

On March 7, we present the video premiere of Bang on a Can All-Star Vicky Chow’s performance of Michael Gordon’s Sonatra as a Watch Party. The program will include a Q & A about the work with Chow and Gordon, moderated by Ethan Iverson, also a pianist, composer, and critic best known for his work with the Bad Plus. Aside from Chow’s album release of the work (released February 23, 2018 on Cantaloupe Music – get it here!), this new video made by Denver-based director, writer, and cinematographer Souki Mehdaoui, is the only other recording of the piece.

March 213:00pm7:00pm

Bang on a Can Marathon – MaerzMuzik Edition

Daniel Bernard Roumain: Why Did They Kill Sandra Bland? performed by Arlen Hlusko
Arnold Dreyblatt: Magnetom (2019)
Mazz Swift
Rohan Chander: △ or THE TRAGEDY OF HIKKOMORI LOVELESS from FINAL//FANTASY performed by Vicky Chow
Kristina Wolfe: Listening to the Wind performed by Molly Barth
Miya Masaoka: One String Thing Ding
Aeryn Santillan: disconnect. performed by Ken Thomson
Adam Cuthbert: Aquarian Solstice
Ken Thomson: Birds and Ambulances performed by Robert Black
Tomeka Reid: Lamenting G.F., A.A., B.T., T.M. performed by Vicky Chow
Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint performed by Claire Chase
Christina Wheeler: Missing/Still
Molly Joyce: Purity performed by David Cossin
Tyshawn Sorey
Jeffrey Brooks: Santuario performed by Mark Stewart
Moor Mother
Bill Frisell

Bang on a Can partners with Berliner Festspiele to bring you a LIVE ONLINE MARATHON as part of the MaerzMuzik Festival of Time Issues. The concert features a bunch of über-cool artists and pieces we’ve programmed over the past year for further consumption. In previous times we’d have packed up and hauled it all to Deutschland, but now we all can enjoy the Festival for Time Issues in, well, real time, all around the world.

Friday, April 2, 202112:00pm

First Fridays with Robert Black

Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir – Pending
Žibuokle Martinaityte – Abyssal Zone
Krists Auznieks – Arise

April’s “First Fridays with Robert Black” brings you large music from small countries. Experience pieces from Iceland’s Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, Lithuania’s Martinaitytė Žibuokle, and Latvia’s Krists Auznieks. Deep oceans – expansive skies – dazzling lights – music that shares a fascination with ethereal sounds and earthly sonics. Chill with the aural aurora, celebrate at the harmonics happening, immerse in the overtone orgy.

Sunday, April 18, 20211:00pm

Bang on a Can Marathon – Live Online

Michael Abels: Anguish from Falling Sky (world premiere) for Vicky Chow
Joan La Barbara: ad astra… for cellist who sings (world premiere) for Iva Casian-Lakos
Anton Batagov: Chaconne in A minor (world premiere)
Rudresh Mahanthappa: How Was Your Year? (world premiere) for Ken Thomson
Timo Andres: House Calls (world premiere) for David Byrd-Marrow
Leyla McCalla: Meditation #1 (world premiere) for Arlen Hlusko
John Hollenbeck: Persuasion (world premiere) for David Cossin
Carman Moore: STALLION (world premiere) for Robert Black
Kelly Moran: new work (world premiere)
Michael Fiday: Song for Eric (world premiere) for Jeff Anderle
Jonathan Bailey Holland: Subaquatic Meditation (world premiere) for Mark Stewart
Michael Daugherty: Six Riffs after Ovid for solo oboe (world premiere) for Titus Underwood
Soo Yeon Lyuh: See You on the Other Side (world premiere)

New Commissions! On April 18, Bang on a Can presents its 2nd entire marathon of PREMIERES! 15 brand new works by 15 pioneering composers. Tune in to hear 4 hours of nonconformist, noncommercial, mind-blowing music.