First Fridays with Robert Black

Friday, January 1, 202112:00pm

First Fridays with Robert Black - Jan 1

“First Fridays with Robert Black” welcomes the New Year with music by Robert. First on the program is “IT Music” – whimsical and quirky musical miniatures where the double bass is played every which way except the ‘normal’ way. Favorites include Zip IT, Beat IT, Rub IT, See IT, Creak IT, and more! Up next will be “The Possessed Improvisations” – music from Robert’s “Possessed” project – a series of improvisations with nature in the wild, rugged, and spiritual canyonlands of Southwestern Utah. Feel the bliss-factor.

“First Fridays with Robert Black” is a monthly series of virtual mini-concerts featuring brand-spanking new, recently new, and kind of new music for solo double bass – streaming from his home studio in Hartford, Connecticut, at noon (EST). Whether you’re having your morning coffee in Los Angeles, or lunch in New York, or that first glass of wine in Paris, or a late supper in Tashkent, tune in for some cool and compelling music.