Bang on a Can Live Online – Marathon of Song

Sunday, June 6, 20211:00pm5:00pm

The Bang on a Can Marathon of Song features 15 performances streamed from musicians’ homes around the country and across the world. For this Marathon, all performances will include some type of vocalization – singing, speaking, murmuring, or other use of the voice. The Marathon will be hosted by Bang on a Can’s artistic directors Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe who will speak to the artists after each performance.

“Humming, speaking, crooning, shouting, praying, tuneful, harmonized or noisy, we have spun songs since the beginning of our existence. These adventurous composers are redefining what it means to make song, and these powerful performers bring it to life with a myriad of colors and sensibilities.”– Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe

[Program order TBA]

Albert Kuvezin new work (world premiere)

Allison Russell 

Anna Clyne Zero at the Bone (world premiere) performed by Ken Thomson

Charles Amirkhanian Audible Autopsy (world premiere) performed by Robert Black

Eddy Kwon new work (world premiere)

Florent Ghys new work (world premiere) performed by David Cossin

Fred Frith new work (world premiere)

Julius Eastman Prelude To The Holy Presence Of Joan D’Arc performed by Julian Otis

Kyle Brenn Still/Exist


Mary Kouyoumdjian new work (world premiere) performed by Arlen Hlusko

Matana Roberts How Many (world premiere video)

Peni Candra Rini new work (world premiere)

Sophie Cash new work (world premiere) performed by Vicky Chow 

Trevor Weston new work (world premiere) performed by Mark Stewart


Anna Clyne commissioned with support from Alvin LucierFlorent Ghys commissioned with support from Dave Lake & Linda WrightFred Frith commissioned with support from the Robert D. Bielecki FoundationMatana Roberts commissioned with support from the Robert D. Bielecki FoundationSophie Cash commissioned by John Driscoll in memory of Marie DriscollTrevor Weston commissioned by Arlene and Larry Dunn in memory of Olly Wilson