Board of Directors

  • Betto Arcos
  • Daniel Baldini
  • Jeffrey Bishop
  • Stephen Block
  • Jeffrey Calman
  • Michael Gordon
  • Lynette Jaffe
  • Alan Kifferstein
  • Michael Kushner
  • David Lang
  • Leslie Lassiter
  • George Lewis
  • Raulee Marcus
  • Elizabeth Murrell
  • Robert A. Skirnick
  • Jane Stewart
  • Sandra Tait
  • Julia Wolfe
  • Adam Wolfensohn


  • Michael Gordon – Artistic Director
  • David Lang – Artistic Director
  • Julia Wolfe – Artistic Director
Kenny Savelson – Executive Director
Tim Thomas – Development Director
Philippa Thompson – Project Manager and Summer Festival Manager
Sruly Lazaros – Producer
Brian Petuch – Accounts Manager
Adam Cuthbert – Licensing & Sales
Aeryn Santillan – Store and Social Media
Chris Marianetti – Found Sound Nation Co-Director
Elena Moon Park – Found Sound Nation Co-Director
Jeremy Thal – Found Sound Nation Co-Director

To reach the Bang on a Can office, call 718-852-7755
A general inquiry can be sent to
For inquiries pertaining to the Store, please send to

For press inquires only, please contact:
Jensen Artists
P: 646.536.7864 | M: 718.395.0895


Booking inquiries:

For US and non-European bookings of the Bang on a Can All-Stars and for the staged productions of Anthracite Fields, Field Recordings, the loserSteel Hammer, and Cloud River Mountain please contact:

David Lieberman Artist’s Representatives
PO Box 10368
Newport Beach, CA 92658

For European bookings of the Bang on a Can All-Stars and for the staged productions  Anthracite FieldsField Recordingsthe loserSteel Hammer, and Cloud River Mountain, please contact:

Jeremy Woods, Music Tree Partnership
13 West End
Whittlesford CB22 4LX
Tel: +44 1223 830825, +44 7773 740535

For booking Fire in my mouth, the loser, Carbon Copy Building, Lost Objects, and other inquiries please contact:

Kenny Savelson, Executive Director
Bang on a Can
80 Hanson Place, #301
Brooklyn, NY 11217
phone: (718) 852-7755