Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bang on a Can Benefit

Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street (just below Houston), New York, NY map

It’s our 20th Birthday! Come celebrate with us!

Honoring Composer Steve Reich and ASCAP Vice President Fran Richard

  • 6PM Cocktails
  • 7PM Dinner
  • 8PM Concert

Join us for a night of music and money-raising. Tickets range from $150 for concert and cocktails, to $500 a ticket for the full seated dinner-theater experience!

June 2June 3, 2007

20th Anniversary Bang on a Can Marathon

World Financial Center Winter Garden
New York, NY map


June 2


  • Julia Wolfe – Lad *
    • Saffron United Pipe Band
  • Evan Ziporyn – Drill
    • TACTUS with Evan Ziporyn, bass clarinet
  •  Christopher Adler – Signal Intelligence
    •  red fish blue fish
  •  Marcelo Zarvos – Arrival and Memory from Nepomuk’s Dances
    •  Ethel
  •  Lois V Vierk – Jagged Mesa
    •  TACTUS

10 PM

  • Kyaw Kyaw Naing – Hsaing Kyaik de Maung
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars & Kyaw Kyaw Naing
  •  Sein Chit Tee/U Than Kyin – Sein Chit Tee a Mhat Ya Ya
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars & Kyaw Kyaw Naing
  •  U Hia Pe/ U Than Kyin – Japan Patsan – Taethit Muhan Gita Than
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars & Kyaw Kyaw Naing
  •  Kyaw Kyaw Naing – Sein Ozi
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars & Kyaw Kyaw Naing
  •  The Books – [to be announced from stage]
    •  The Books with Todd Reynolds, violin
  •  Franco Donatoni – Arpege
    •  eighth blackbird
  •  Michael Gordon – Gotham (with film by Bill Morrison)
    •  TACTUS

June 3

12 AM

  •  Fakhriddin Sodigov – O’zbek Valsi (Uzbek Waltz)
    •  Mashriq
  •  Gazal of Mashrab – Talqinchai Savt kalon
    •  Mashriq
  •  Fakhriddin Sodigov – Vatan Marshi (March of the native land)
    •  Mashriq
  • David Lang- The Anvil Chorus
    • Steve Schick, percussion

1 AM

  • Eno/Wyatt/Davies – Music for Airports (1/1) (arr. Michael Gordon)
    • Bang on a Can All-Stars
  •  Brian Eno – Music for Airports (1/2) (arr. David Lang)
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  •  Brian Eno – Music for Airports (2/1) (arr. Julia Wolfe)
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  • Brian Eno – Music for Airports (2/2) (arr. Evan Ziporyn)
    • Bang on a Can All-Stars

2 AM

  • Galina Ustvolskaya – Composition #2
    • Hartt Brass Band
  •  Edgar Varese – Ionization
    •  red fish blue fish
  •  Juana Molina – songs from Segundo, Tres Cosas and Son
    •  Juana Molina, voice and instruments
  •  John Luther Adams – Wail (from The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies)
    •  Steven Schick, percussion

4:30 AM

  •  Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians
    • Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
  • Michael Harrison – Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation
    • Michael Harrison, piano

7:00 AM

  • Milind Raikar – Morning Ragas
    •  Milind Raikar, violin; Nitin Mitta, table; David Taylor, tanpura

8:00 AM

  •  Mary Ellen Childs – Srum
    •  Ethel
  •  John King – Lightning Slide (1 Swing, 2 Sweet, 3 Sweat)
    •  Ethel
  •  Lois V Vierk – River Beneath The River
    •  Ethel
  • Mike Svoboda – Airbag; Zugserscheinungen; Hommage a Badesaison
    • Mike Svoboda, trombone, conch shell and water
  • John Fitz Rogers – Once Removed
    •  Meehan/Perkins Duo
  • Mark Dancigers – Hanging There
    •  Now Ensemble

10:00 AM

  •  Ha-Yang Kim – Oon
    •  Odd Appetite
  •  Iva Bittova – solos
    •  Iva Bittova, violin, voice
  •  Missy Mazzoli – Magic with Everyday Objects
    •  Now Ensemble
  • Dominic Frasca – Fixations #4 (Johns Not Taken)
    •  Dominic Frasca
  •  Clogs – to be announced
    •  Clogs


  • World Saxophone Quartet – to be announced
    • World Saxophone Quartet
  •  Jeffrey Brooks – Skeleton Crew
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  •  Thurston Moore – Stroking Piece #1
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  •  Phil Kline – Over and Out *
    •  Real Quiet
  •  Mark Stewart – Music for Plumbers
    •  Mark Stewart with Matt Pass & Melissa Fathman

2:00 PM

  •  JG Thirwell – music from Volvox and Radiolarian Ooze
    • Manorexia (with Real Quiet)
  •  Dalek – music from Abandoned Language
    • Dalek
  •  Matt Tierney – Cant
    •  Odd Appetite
  •  Mashriq – music of Mashriq
    • Mashriq
  •  Traditional – music of Hojinoyoz; Mavrigi
    •  Mashriq

4:00 PM

  • James Tenney – Having Never Written a Note…
    •  red fish blue fish
  •  Vijay Iyer – Tragicomic
    •  Vijay Iyer Quartet
  •  Judd Greenstein – Rock Me Samuels
    •  Now Ensemble
  •  Don Byron – Beautiful Insults in Random Order*
    •  Don Byron, clarinet & Robert Black, double bass
  •  Galina Ustvolskaya – Symphony #5
    •  International Contemporary Ensemble
  •  Timbila – Xylophone music of Mozambique
    • Timbila

6:00 PM

  •  Derek Bermel – Coming Together
    •  eighth blackbird
  •  Meredith Monk – Three Heavens and Hells **
    •  Young People’s Chorus of NYC
  •  David M. Gordon – Friction Systems
    •  eighth blackbird

7:00 PM

  •  Julia Wolfe – Dark Full Ride
    •  Talujon Percussion Quartet
  •  Alvin Lucier – Canon•
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  • Louis Andriessen – Workers Union
    •  Bang on a Can All-Stars
  •  Yo La Tengo – to be announced
    • Yo La Tengo
  •  David Lang – men (with film “Elevated” by Matt Mullican)
    •  ICE and Mike Svoboda, trombone

• World Premiere
** New York Premiere


July 10July 27, 2007

Bang on a Can Summer Festival

North Adams, MA map

2 FREE CONCERTS EVERYDAY (except Sundays) in the Museum Galleries at 1:30 and 4:30pm.

All recitals are free with museum admission and held in the MASS MoCA gallery spaces. Some events will be in the surrounding community. For more info and directions, check out MASS MoCA’s site

Faculty Recitals:

July 12 – Evan Ziporyn, Clarinet

July 13 – Vicki Ray, Piano performing “The Other Piano” by Mort Subotnick

July 14 – Evan Ziporyn and Christine Southworth perform Balinese Music

July 16 – Todd Reynolds and friends. Music by Dan Truman and more.

July 18 – Gregg August, bass and Martin Bresnick “Just Time” Wind Quintet

July 19 – Ken Thomson and friends, Clarinets, and Nick Photinos, cello

July 20 – Music by Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe

July 21 – Todd Reynolds and friends, “soundpainting”, and George Crumb, “Makrocosmos,” piano solo, and Lois V. Vierk, “River Beneath the River,” string quartet

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bang on a Can All-Stars with Iva Bittova

North Adams, MA map

Bang on a Can All-Stars and Iva Bittová

Bang on a Can All-Stars perform their riveting live collaboration with avant-gypsy-folk singer-violinist Iva Bittová from the Czech Republic. Bittová’s haunting and riveting performance blends vocal and violin pyrotechnics with a theatrical flair on a par with performance art icons Laurie Anderson and Meredith Monk. Also don’t miss the world premiere of a brand new work by Cornelis de Bondt, music by Michael Gordon, Gregg August and film by Bill Morrison.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Six Hour Marathon Concert with Special Guest Don Byron

North Adams, MA map

Bang on a Can brings its signature event back to the Berkshires! 30+ musicians and composers of the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival join up with American Jazz innovator Don Byron for an ear-bending 6-hour non-stop concert program. It’s a lexicon of American 20th and 21st century music as rendered completely insane! Music by Don Byron, John Adams, Louis Andriessen, Gyorgy Ligeti, George Crumb, Michael Gordon, David Lang, Bradley Lubman, Martyn Padding,, Nobukazu Takemura, Henry Threadgill, Julia Wolfe, Evan Ziporyn and more.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Purchase Marathon

Suny Purchase
Purchase, NY map

Bang on a Can All-Stars with Kyaw Kyaw Naing and Don Byron


3pm – 5pm
Steve Reich : Piano Phase/Video Phase
David Lang : Sunray
Evan Ziporyn : ShadowBang
Todd Reynolds : Outerborough
Julia Wolfe : Big, Beautiful, Dark, and Scary
Conlon Nancarrow (arr Ziporyn) : Four Studies

Kyaw Kyaw Naing : Set of Works from Bang on a Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing Michael Gordon : Strange Quiet
Don Byron : Selections from A Ballad for Many
Louis Andriessen : Workers Union


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lincoln Marathon

Lied Center For Performing Arts
Lincoln, NE map

Bang on a Can All-Stars with Meredith Monk and Don Byron

Steve Reich New York Counterpoint
Tan Dun: Concerto for Six
Michael Gordon: Light is Calling
Don Byron: Beautiful Insults in Random Order
Conlon Nancarrow: Four Studies, arr. Evan Ziporyn

Julia Wolfe: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
Evan Ziporyn: ShadowBang
Giacinto Scelsi: Mantram
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union

Don Byron: Selections from A Ballad for Many
David Lang: Sunray
Meredith Monk: Last Song (2003) Text by James Hillman
Meredith Monk: The Tale (1972)

Meredith Monk:
Panda Chant I
Memory Song (arr Julia Wolfe)
Window in 7s (arr. David Lang)
Scared Song (arr David Lang)
Totentanz (arr David Lang)
Double Fiesta (arr David Lang)
Panda Chant II