First Fridays with Robert Black

Friday, March 5, 202112:00pm

James Tenney: Beast
Stuart Saunders Smith: Tunnels
Rifat Komachkov: Sonata

The March edition of “First Fridays with Robert Black” basks in some highly unusual music from an already unusual repertoire. Hear what happens at the intersection of Science and Art in James Tenney’s Beast, witness the dazzling wordplay theatrics of Stuart Saunders Smith’s Tunnels, and marvel at the bizarre bowing techniques of Rifat Komachkov’s Sonata. Music that will fascinate, electrify, and amaze.

First Fridays with Robert Black is a monthly series of virtual mini-concerts featuring brand-spanking new, recently new, and kind of new music for solo double bass – streaming from his home studio in Hartford, Connecticut, at noon (EST). Whether you’re having your morning coffee in Los Angeles, or lunch in New York, or that first glass of wine in Paris, or a late supper in Tashkent, tune in for some cool and compelling music.

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