Every new Cantaloupe CD. Delivered straight to your mailbox.

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Since the beginning of Cantaloupe, we've noticed how there have been some people who just NEED to have every record we put out! So we've designed a program for all of you out there who are lovers of the music, and need to be ahead of the game in the LATEST and GREATEST in genre-smashing music!

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With a Cantaloupe Club Membership you get every new Cantaloupe CD mailed to your door, before the official release date.

It's just $10 for your first CD and $10 for each CD thereafter ($12 for double-disc albums). FREE SHIPPING across the USA. Plus, get an additional any catalog release in our store for $10 each (or a 33.3% discount!). Cancel anytime. 

International members occasionally receive 2 discs at a time ($10/disc + $10 shipping).

**In order to redeem the Cantaloupe Club discount on back catalog items, please first check out with only the Cantaloupe Club subscription in your shopping cart, then place another order for any additional items.**


Every new Cantaloupe CD. Delivered straight to your mailbox.