Susie Ibarra & Alex Peh

Susie Ibarra is a Filipinx composer, percussionist, and sound artist. She is the founder of Susie Ibarra Studio and Sound, Health & Habitat, a cultural studio and journal that focuses on sharing and supporting listening health practices, global soundwalks, acoustic ecology focused on climate and ecofriendly and sustainable global music practices. She created Drum Labs: Rhythm in Nature, a course and e-book through her studio that demonstrates her 6 part analysis of rhythms in nature. Susie Is passionate about supporting fresh water sources, and cultural & environmental preservation for next generations.

Susie Ibarra’s Website

Alex Peh is a pianist, improviser and scholar who explores the piano in global classical, contemporary, and improvised practices. A 2021 Fulbright Global Scholar, Peh explores contemporary piano repertoire, finding new approaches to tuning, pedagogy, notation and musical transmission.

Alex Peh’s Website

photo of Susie by Tessa Fuqua
photo of Alex by Tony Cenicola