Philip Glass Ensemble

The Philip Glass Ensemble (PGE) comprises the principal performers of the music of Philip Glass. In 1968, Glass founded the PGE in New York City as a laboratory for his music. Its purpose was to develop a performance practice to meet the unprecedented technical and artistic demands of his compositions. In pioneering this approach, the PGE became a creative wellspring for Glass, and its members remain inimitable interpreters of his work.

Lisa Bielawa – Composer, Producer, Vocalist

Dan Bora – Audio, House Mix

Peter Hess – Saxophones

Ryan Kelly – Stage Audio

Michael Riesman – Music Director, Keyboard

Mick Rossi – Keyboard

Sam Sadigursky – Soprano Saxophone, Flute

Andrew Sterman – Flute, Piccolo, Saxophone

Philip Glass Ensemble website

photo credit: Ryuhei Shindo