Patti Smith

CORRESPONDENCES is an ever-evolving project between Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith. Spanning over 10 years, it traverses a wealth of geographies and their natural environments, where the artists have uncovered sonic steps left by poets, filmmakers, revolutionaries and impact of climate change.

Featuring live films and director’s cuts, CORRESPONDENCES is performed by Soundwalk Collective’s Stephan Crasneanscki and Simone Merli, Patti Smith, Diego Espinosa Cruz Gonzalez. Visuals by Pedro Maia.

New York’s legendary Patti Smith teams up with Soundwalk Collective for a raw, explosive and trance-like chronicle of what it means to be alive. The spiritual quests of the 20th-century poets Antonin Artaud, René Daumal and Arthur Rimbaud are transmuted into a sonic landscape with Smith becoming a conduit for each poet to speak through her, revealing landscapes in which willing explorers may find treasures.

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