Greg Davis

Greg Davis is an internationally recognized electronic musician / composer who has been making records and playing shows since 2001. He has collaborated with Keith Fullerton Whitman, Ben Vida, Sebastien Roux, Chris Weisman, Steven Hess, Jeph Jerman, Akron/Family, Toby Aronson (as Harmonizer), and Zach Wallace (as Sun Circle) and has released albums on labels such as Important, Kranky, Ekhein, Room40, Install, Home Normal, Digitalis, NNA, Carpark Records, as well on his own Autumn Records. He lives in Burlington VT and owns and operates Autumn Records in Winooski VT. His latest album, New Primes, was released on LP / digital by greyfade in Sept. 2022.

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photo credit: Phi Centre 2