Ash Fure

ANIMAL is a new solo venture by sonic artist Ash Fure. Pushing Fure’s visceral soundworlds to new physical heights, the project features custom synesthetic instruments that situate the body in athletic connection to sound, matter, light and site. Intrinsically live and architecturally responsive, ANIMAL seeks out a sonic sentience that stands in defiance to an age of A.I.

Ash Fure is a sonic artist who blends installation and performance. Called “purely visceral” and “staggeringly original” by The New Yorker, her full-bodied sonic experiences work on the senses in startling ways. Fure is an Associate Professor of Music at Dartmouth College and is co-artistic director of The Industry. A finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Music, Fure has won two Lincoln Center Emerging Artists Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rome Prize in Music Composition, a DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Prize, a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant for Artists, a Fulbright Fellowship to France, a Stuttgart Composition Prize, a Darmstadt Kranichsteiner Musikpreis, and a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship from Columbia University.

Ash Fure’s Website

photo credit: Clare Gatto