Michael Gordon's Rushes: Out Now on Cantaloupe Music!

Michael Gordon’s newest album Rushes is now available on Cantaloupe Music!

Composed for seven bassoons, Rushes takes its place alongside Michael Gordon’s Timber for expanding the boundaries of a single instrument’s repertoire into unknown (and at times, otherworldly) spaces. Rushes brings out tonal and timbral aspects of the bassoon that are meant to induce a quasi-meditative, almost ecstatic state, in the listener as well as the performer.

As Michael Gordon describes, “The name comes from the tall grass that’s reminiscent of the reeds that bassoon players use. It also refers to an ecstatic rush, a euphoria that I’m trying to build. It’s very visceral for the players, who are playing basically nonstop for an hour, and that requires a sense of intensity and concentration.”

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