Bang Needs You! Help Us Raise $50,000 by January 15!

We’ve never been able to do it alone. Bang on a Can is an extended family of composers, musicians and big-eared music listeners. And while it would be nice to think that it all runs on magic, in reality we need dollars for everything from commissions, to instrumental rental, to computers, to artist fees, to production costs and even sexy stuff like payroll taxes! That’s right, act now and you can pay for Bang on a Can’s payroll taxes!! Seriously though, we set our artistic goals high, and to make great art it takes great friends who support us generously.

This year’s People’s Commissions are going to four outstanding composers with four very different musical world-views. Their homes are in San Francisco, rural Quebec, New York City, Beijing. Their music ranges from subtle to challenging to rich and gorgeous. What they all have in common is that we think they’re pretty darn cool. Really, really cool, and brimming with brilliance.

Gabriella Smith’s something of a musical naturalist, drawing on the earth’s sounds and energies to create swirling soundscapes. René Lussier is a virtuosic guitarist who creates utterly unique pieces via collage and musique concrète to trippy pastiche and improvisation. Caroline Shaw has emerged as a major force in new music, gaining praise from both the Pulitzer committee and Kanye West (a first?) while relentlessly touring the globe with her own phenomenal group Roomful of Teeth. And Zhang Shouwang has led a post-punk revolution in China with his group Carsick Cars, and now he’s scratching his experimental itch with extended works for less familiar ensembles.

Help support these commissions and our Bang on a Can All-Stars. We have lots of great incentives to give, including our own Bang on a Can Coffee – Dark Full Roast!