photo by Peter Serling

Nov 10 :: Bang on a Can and the Jewish Museum present Pauline Oliveros

As part of Bang on a Can's on-going partnership with the Jewish Museum, we present composer/performer Pauline Oliveros, to accompany the exhibit Take Me (I’m Yours). Oliveros will perform The Sound of Meditation on her V-Accordion, an instrument that produces both accordion and orchestral sounds. The concert blurs the boundary between the performer and the audience by asking the listener to participate in the making of music.

November 10 at 7:30pm

Nov 18-26 :: Bang on a Can All-Stars European tour

The Bang on a Can All-Stars tour Europe this November, including a music institute in conjunction with fellows from the Villa Musica academy in Germany

Nov 18 - Hamburg

Nov 19 - Brussels

Nov 20-26 - concerts and residency in Mainz and Neuwied, Germany

More details on our events page!

Michael Gordon and Mantra Percussion :: Timber Remixed :: out now on Cantaloupe Music

When Michael Gordon’s Timber, scored for six amplified wooden 2-by-4s, premiered in 2009, it brought the physicality and endurance of percussion performance to a new level. In the liner notes for Slagwerk Den Haag’s recording of the piece, released on Cantaloupe Music in 2011, Gordon described a connection to the work of shamanist author Carlos Castaneda, whose self-imposed spirit journey in the desert could wipe the brain clean and “bring on visions.”

Newly recorded by Mantra Percussion and reworked by an A-list of producers and DJs, Gordon’s deep exploration into the extreme possibilities of rhythm gets the full electronic treatment on Timber Remixed. The double-CD set also includes Mantra’s live performance of Timber from the 2014 Bang on a Can Marathon.

Six key remixes by Squarepusher, Oneohtrix Point Never, Fennesz and more are also available on limited edition, individually numbered 180-gram vinyl.

Watch the promo video with Michael Gordon.

Learn more and purchase the album on Cantaloupe Music