Bang on a Can Plays Sol leWitt and Sayler/Morris

Thursday, July 30, 8pm: Bang on a Can Plays Sol LeWitt and Sayler/Morris

Featuring Alvin Lucier’s I am sitting in a room and Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra

Free Show! Bring a Friend or Three

Artist Sol LeWitt and experimental sound pioneer Alvin Lucier were friends, and their work intersected in several provocative ways. In particular, they shared the notion that a rule for making something could itself be a work of art. Lucier will recreate his 1969 masterpiece I am sitting in a room in the Sol LeWitt galleries, in which a text he reads becomes the instrument whose sound overwhelms and overpowers the tuning of the room. This double-bill concert also features Lucier’s mind-bending Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra, in Mass MoCA’s newly imagined gallery home for Sayler/Morris’ Eclipse. 

An excellent recording of I am sitting in a room, though everytime it's a unique a fascinating experience: