Frederic Rzewski

Which Side Are You On?

Bang on a Can/Steve Reich pianist Lisa Moore sheds powerful new light on Wilde's jailhouse meditation on imprisonment, debasement, and the barriers that he faced as a homosexual.

Frederic Rzewski, a revolutionary American composer with associations in both the modern classical and avant-jazz worlds, has created an aggressively emotional soundtrack to Wilde's moving prose. "De Profundis" breaks down the boundaries between a piano recital and a theatrical experience. Written for a virtuosic pianist who also sings, shouts, and declaims, Rzewski's masterpiece is given a gripping re-interpretation by Moore, who brings a new character to the work through her passionate piano performance and compelling voice. Using her expertise beyond the field of classical music, Moore is one of the few pianists besides Rzewski himself to dig into the improvisations of North American Ballads, giving beautifully simple performances of Rzewski's arrangements of American spirituals.


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May 13, 2003
Cantaloupe Music
Frederic Rzewski 
Lisa Moore