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Michael Gordon & Mantra Percussion

Timber Remixed

When Michael Gordon’s Timber, scored for six amplified wooden 2-by-4s, premiered in 2009, it brought the physicality and endurance of percussion performance to a new level. In the liner notes for Slagwerk Den Haag’s recording of the piece, released on Cantaloupe Music in 2011, Gordon described a connection to the work of shamanist author Carlos Castaneda, whose self-imposed spirit journey in the desert could wipe the brain clean and “bring on visions.”

Newly recorded by Mantra Percussion and reworked by an A-list of producers and DJs, Gordon’s deep exploration into the extreme possibilities of rhythm gets the full electronic treatment on Timber Remixed. The double-CD set also includes Mantra’s live performance of Timber from the 2014 Bang on a Can Marathon.

Mantra Percussion is:
Joe Bergen, Al Cerulo, Chris Graham, Mike McCurdy, Jude Traxler, Nick Woodbury, and Owen Weaver


Timber Remixed – CD
Timber Remixed – Vinyl

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