Arnold Dreyblatt

The Adding Machine

Arnold Dreyblatt's band pulses ecstatically with retuned strings and looping beats. His Orchestra of Excited Strings - composed of restrung cimbaloms, piano wire basses, hurdy gurdys, refretted guitars - creates transcendental layers of scratching, twanging, plucking, and bowing. A disciple of LaMonte Young and Alvin Lucier, he has cultivated a strong underground fan base. File it under ethno-Eastern European folk techno-microtonal rock.

"A major figure in the minimalist lineage that connects La Monte Young to Sonic Youth."
- Ann Powers, The New York Times

"Dreyblatt may have composed the perfect soundtrack to an urban life."
- K. Goldsmith, New York Press

Arnold Dreyblatt on The Adding Machine:

"My music is composed of consecutive "loops", which are visually cued by chosen members of the ensemble. For this digital recording, each loop was performed and recorded until it "locked" in harmonically and rhythmically. The long editing process in which these loops were "reconstructed" into complete performances was accomplished along with the final mix by J?rg Hiller at his studio in Berlin."


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February 12, 2002
Cantaloupe Music
Arnold Dreyblatt