Glenn Branca

Symphony No. 7 (Graz)

Symphony No. 7 (Graz) in five movements is Glenn Branca's first symphony written for full orchestra. It was commissioned by The Steirischer Herbst Festival and performed by The Graz Festival Orchestra conducted by Gunter Meinhart. This is a live recording from the world premiere in Graz, Austria in 1989. With the exception of a few excerpts this is the first time that this symphony has been released in it's entirety. It is one of Branca's best works but has lain dormant for 21 years. For the most part it has only ever been heard in performance. Branca who is better known for his work with large guitar ensembles has also written many pieces for orchestra and chamber ensemble. This is the third release on his new Systems Neutralizers label that in the future will be releasing a number of his many other previously unreleased works.


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May 24, 2011
Glenn Branca