Sludge Test

Gutbucket's third CD in its seven-year career finds them leaping further over the boundaries of rock and jazz, with a good dose of "other." Recorded 100% analog in San Francisco's legendary indie-rock haven Tiny Telephone Studios, Sludge Test adds a new recorded dimension to this international sensation.

"A collection of tunes as attractive, unsettling and dangerous as the cute little girl with the scary knife on the CD's front cover."
-Time Out NY

"You know that tern post-punk that has been often misused as of late? Well, it actually does apply to Gutbucket."

"Gutbucket may have a largely aggressive stance, but its music is as detailed and finely conceived as any chamber music."
-All About Jazz

"Gutbucket has refined its punk-jazz blend to the point where it hits like a pop in the kisser..."
-Village Voice


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April 4, 2006
Cantaloupe Music