Evan Ziporyn


Evan Ziporyn has dedicated his life to bringing the most exciting ideas from world music to the West. In last year's groundbreaking hit solo CD, This is Not a Clarinet, Ziporyn's Western clarinet merged seamlessly with sources from Japan, Bali, East Africa; creating a kind of music that transcends nation or group in a totally convincing and utterly personal way.

In his new CD, ShadowBang, Ziporyn teams up with Balinese singer and shadow puppet master Wayan Wija to create a unique cross-cultural music theater event. ShadowBang combines the magic realism of a Balinese folk narrative with the raucous American sound of the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Singing, shouting, hard-driving tunes, ringing electric guitar - the result is a riot of sound and virtuosity.

"The intensity of Ziporyn's music rises and falls, but always carries listeners along; it's got a natural, unhurried quality that transcends idiom."
-Harvey Pekar, PRI Public Arts

"Evan Ziporyn is hardly the first American composer to obsess over the Balinese gamelan orchestra, but Ziporyn brings a unique perspective to his cross-cultural melange... a provocative prism of sound and culture."
-Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press


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June 10, 2003
Cantaloupe Music
Evan Ziporyn