Maya Beiser


From the 9th to the 15th centuries, the area which is now modern Spain was home to the greatest peaceful agglomeration of cultures ever known in the post literate world. The cultural richness of this time was so remarkable that historians speak of it as the “Golden Age.” Even more remarkable than the flowering of art itself was the confluence of cultures that produced it: under the rule of Islam, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived and worked together in relative harmony. Over the ensuing centuries, the threads of cultural collaboration have often frayed. But the music still resonates with the common source.

Provenance outlines the origins of an ideal in which cultural differences are not simply tolerated but explicitly sought for the energy they release with each encounter. Like the Golden Age of the Iberian Peninsula itself, Provenance goes a step further and embraces co-existence not as a luxury but a necessity without which art cannot be made and culture cannot exist. Provenance is 75 non-stop minutes of continuous thread where live music and original text in Ladino, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin are woven together into an all-encompassing musical tapestry.