Dry Humping the American Dream

Gutbucket recorded Dry Humping The American Dream live in the studio over several days with the intention of capturing the energy and improvisational intimacy of the infamous live sets the band is known for. Since forming in 1999 Gutbucket has built a reputation for unpredictable live shows that feature everything from carefully prepared scores for classic animations, live volleyball games and blindfolded band members, just to name a few. If this all sounds eclectic, it is, and Dry Humping The American Dream captures this energy.

With in-your-face rock n' roll production, fiery playing, and live energy caught to tape, gutbucket crashes through genre boundaries to create a gripping soundtrack to 2004. gutbucket is fearlessly devoted to unique, pushy melodies, high-energy rhythms, and improvisational adventures. Their vast repertoire courses through playful circular movement, elastic time twists, and rapid-fire banter. This is gutbucket's second release following their debut Insomniacs Dream (Knitting Factory Records).

"Blends free jazz, hardcore rock, oddball time signatures, and other elements into a cacophonous, humor-laden sound all its own."
-Boston Globe


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January 1, 2004
Cantaloupe Music
Ken Thomson Ty Citerman Eric Rockwin