David Lang

David Lang: Songs Collection

In advance of David Lang's latest Oscar-nominated Simple Song #3, as heard in the movie YOUTH, we're offering a 4-album bundle of Lang's vocal work, circa 2002-2016.

David Lang's compositional focus has trended toward an emphasis on the exploration of voice and narrative in the years following his Pulitzer Prize-winning choral work, The Little Match Girl Passion. Since then, he's teamed with classically-trained indie rock stars to create death speaks, a reimagination of Death as a character in Franz Schubert's songs. love fail came next, juxtaposing the strange emotional moments in Strassburg's Tristan and Isolde with the work of contemporary poet Lydia Davis. the difficulty of crossing a field, released in 2015, is Lang's magnum-opus opera, adapting the titular short story into a dramatic, existentialist account of race in pre-Civil War America. the national anthems perfromed by the Los Angeles Master Choraleis is paired with a new performance of his 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning work the little match girl passion. This collection is a unique panorama of Lang’s vocal writing process and how it has evolved in recent years. 

February 1, 2016
Cantaloupe Music
David Lang