Toby Twining

Chrysalid Requiem

Chrysalid Requiem goes straight to the heart of Western music. Moving beyond the mysticism of Tavener and Arvo Pärt, this intensely spiritual new Requiem is fresh, delirious, and deeply personal. Toby Twining has put together a unique ensemble of singers capable of a phenomenal range of vocal techniques. The amazing result illuminates 1000 years of Western vocal tradition and transforms the West's most solemn ritual into a celebration of the human voice and the human spirit.

"A thing of disarming beauty, and a wholly personal statement."
- Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times

"There's good music, there's great music, and every once in a while there's mind-blowing music. I can't recommend this disc highly enough."
- Payton MacDonald, American Record Guide


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June 11, 2002
Cantaloupe Music
Toby Twining 
Toby Twining Music