Frorent Ghys

Baroque Tardif: Soli

It's no coincidence that French composer and upright bass player Florent Ghys should release an EP with Cantaloupe Music. With two degrees in ethno-musicology from schools in Bordeaux, and studying double bass under Thierry Barbe in Paris, Florent participated in the Bang on a Can Summer Festival in 2007 and joined a welcoming community of new music composers and musicians . Upon returning to France, Florent felt musically isolated - of being out of tune with his new environment - and immediately began writing.

Though not intending to compose a solo for himself playing the upright bass, the purpose was to create a "multiple-me" ensemble, as he calls it. "I know multi-track recording will never replace live recording," says Florent, "but multi-tracking was an interesting starting point to see if I was going to change my compositional process while writing strictly for me - after all, the instrumentation for the EP was linked only to the instruments I can actually play. I could have an upright bass, a bass, a guitar, an electric guitar, a voice. I could also use a pianino (a small 6 octaves piano) and hit some dishes in my kitchen."

As a composer, Florent works in a style situated between contemporary and pop music, creating tonal masses with or without pulsation. It has often been said to resemble American minimalist music, which makes him a complementary addition to the Cantaloupe coterie.

Baroque Tardif: Soli is the first release by Florent Ghys on Cantaloupe. He will be releasing a full-length album in September 2011.


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January 26, 2010
Cantaloupe Music
Florent Ghys 
Florent Ghys