Sentieri Selvaggi


Milan is home to the feisty young ensemble Sentieri Selvaggi, a band of intrepid composers and performers who have taken southern Europe by storm. Led by composers Carlo Boccadoro and Filippo del Corno, Sentieri Selvaggi is a collective of musicians dedicated to breaking down barriers between pop and art, music and theater, the concert hall and the street.

AC/DC is a collection of Sentieri Selvaggi's most defining work, including premiere recordings of new works by Louis Andriessen, Laurie Anderson, David Lang, Michael Gordon, and DECCA international recording sensation Ludovico Einaudi.....

"On this explosive new disc, the group offers a range of music by composers including some biggish names and some of its own members, and dispatches it all with flair. The sonorities favor the woodwinds and percussion, with just a hint of strings to leaven the metallic sheen, and the rhythms are curt and arresting."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"A sound world perched between concert-hall complexity and sophisticated populism. This is music that should thrill the iPod generation.... explode[s] with the aggressive edge of rock and jazzy stacks of infectious rhythms that will have your head bobbing."
-Bradenton Herald/Knight Rider News Service


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January 9, 2006
Cantaloupe Music
Sentieri Selvaggi