Cantaloupe Music 2019 Digital Collection

In 2019, we saw some new faces join the Cantaloupe roster and give us a vivid glimpse of possible futures. The Bearthoven trio expertly set Scott Wollschleger's American Dream in a cinematic and fragmented timefield, while Alex Weiser's and all the days were purple interpreted Yiddish culture and history as a lush song cycle. And rounding out the year, Meara O'Reilly's ecstatic Hockets for Two Voices carried breath control to its logical and intensely imaginative extremes.

Meanwhile, seasoned composers in our orbit shared their latest works. John Luther Adams evoked the sound of "swimming in light" with his monumental Become Desert, with the Ludovic Morlot-led Seattle Symphony. Jeffrey Brooks, a longtime friend of Bang on a Can based in Minneapolis, assembled three of his masterworks for The Passion, recorded by the Bang on a Can All-Stars and Contemporaneous. And artistic polyglot Caleb Burhans harnessed multiple ensembles for his riveting, post-gothic compendium Past Lives.

Opera recordings also defined the year in three distinctively off-kilter tales: a retelling of a public dissection in David Lang's anatomy theater, a spooky meditation on identity and transformation in Michael Gordon's Acquanetta, and the dark drama of a hotel-as-suicide-destination in Donnacha Dennehy's The Last Hotel.