The 30th Anniversary

at the Brooklyn Museum
May 6, 2017

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A Note from the Artistic Directors of Bang on a Can


Thirty years ago we started dreaming of the world we wanted to live in. It would be a kind of utopia for music: all the boundaries between composers would come down, all the boundaries between genres would come down, all the boundaries between musicians and audience would come down. Building a utopia is a political act – it pushes people to change. It is also an act of resistance to the things that keep us apart, and it is an act of love, bringing ideas and sounds and people together.

Thanks to all of you, for joining us - yesterday, today and tomorrow.  And we hope you enjoy the show.

-Michael, David, and Julie

Program Order



Julia Wolfe Steel Hammer

Bang on a Can All-Stars with:
Emily Eagen, Katie Geissinger, Molly Quinn - voice

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Innov Gnawa works to be announced from stage

Innov Gnawa

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Caroline Shaw works to be announced from stage

Caroline Shaw, viola and voice

Beaux Arts Court Stage

Joan La Barbara A Murmuration for Chibok

Young People's Chorus of New York City
Francisco J. Núñez, Artistic Director and Founder

Beaux Arts Court Stage

Oliver Lake Music from STICK suite

Oliver Lake Crash Bang Trio

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Carla Kihlstedt After the Storm
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi The Curious One
Carla Kihlstedt Hush, Hush
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi Morning Song

Rabbit Rabbit

Beaux Arts Court Stage

Pixies/Kim Deal Gigantic (arr Nathan Koci)
Merrill Garbus/tUnE-yArDs Bizness (arr Ken Thomson)
Thomas Mapfumo Ngoma Yekwedu (arr Alex Hamlin)

Asphalt Orchestra

Pavillion Lobby


Michael Gordon No Anthem  (NY Premiere)

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble
Timothy Weiss, Director

Beaux Arts Court Stage

Kaki King Music from The Neck is a Bridge to the Body

Kaki King, guitar

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Louis Andriessen De Staat

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble
Timothy Weiss, Director

Beaux Arts Court Stage

Meredith Monk Selections from Cellular Songs

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Amir ElSaffar Crisis

Amir ElSaffar and Two Rivers Ensemble

Beaux Arts Court Stage

David Lang just (after song of songs)

just ensemble

Beaux Arts Court Stage


Kendall Williams Melodic Concepts i & iii

Pan in Motion

Beaux Arts Court Hall

Ivo Papasov Ivo's Ruchenitsa (arr Peter Hess)

Asphalt Orchestra

Beaux Arts Court Hall

Women's Raga Massive Tere Bin (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's composition reimagined)
Instrumental in Raag Bhairavi
Sanware Sanware (Raag- Bhairavi, composition by Ravi Shankar)

Women's Raga Massive

Beaux Arts Court Stage



Found Sound Nation Street Studio

Front of Museum



Pavillion Lobby



Asphalt Orchestra

Peter Hess, Ken Thomson, Jas Walton  - saxophones
Stephanie Richards - trumpet
Daniel Linden - trombone 
Dan Nosheny - sousaphone
Kenneth Salters, Kyle Struve - drums

Bang on a Can All-Stars

Ashley Bathgate - cello 
Robert Black - double bass
Vicky Chow - piano
Mike McCurdy - percussion 
Mark Stewart -  guitar, banjo, dulcimer
Ken Thomson - clarinet
with Emily Eagen, Katie Geissinger, and Molly Quinn - voice

Innov Gnawa

Maalem (Master) Hassan Ben Jaafer - vocals and sintir
Samir Langus - vocals and qraqeb (castanets)
Amino Belyamani- vocals and qraqeb (castanets)
Ahmed Jeriouda- vocals and qraqeb (castanets)
Nawfal Atiq- vocals and qraqeb (castanets)
Said Bourhana- vocals and qraqeb (castanets)

just ensemble

Mellissa Hughes, Kirsten Sollek, Jamie Jordan - voice
Nadia Sirota - viola
Gabe Cabezas - cello
Chris Thompson - percussion

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble

Meredith Monk, Katie Geissinger, Allison Sniffin - voice

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble

Timothy Weiss, conductor

for No Anthem:
William Welter, Katarina Chavez, Eduardo Sepúlveda, Tanavi Prabhu - english horn
Roy Poper*, Morgen Low, Olivia Pidi, Wyeth Aleksei - trumpet
Lee Allen*, Andrew Ennis, Alex Melzer, Zoe Cutler - trombone
Amanda Lubin, Natasha Gwirceman - keyboard
Stephen Aron*, Stephen Fazio - electric guitar
Katherine Lerner Lee, Theodora Nestorova, Rachel Ross, Olivia Cosio - voice

for De Staat:
William Welter, Katarina Chavez, Eduardo Sepúlveda, Tanavi Prabhu - oboe
Madison Warren, Lauren Anker, Logan Bryck, Torrin Hallett - horn
Roy Poper*, Wyeth Aleksei, Olivia Pidi, Morgen Low - trumpet
Lee Allen*, Andrew Ennis, Alex Melzer, Zoe Cutler - trombone
Corey Worley, Rebecca Kalish, Stephen Hart, Thomas Chafe - viola
Amanda Lubin, Natasha Gwirceman - piano
Ina McCormack, Anya Garipoli - harp
Stephen Aron*, Stephen Fazio - electric guitar
Eli Naragon - bass guitar
Katherine Lerner Lee, Theodora Nestorova, Rachel Ross, Olivia Cosio - voice

*Oberlin Conservatory faculty

Oliver Lake Crash Bang Trio

Oliver Lake - saxophone
Bill McClellan and Reggie Nicholson - drums

Pan in Motion

Kendall Williams - director
Matthew Best, Zeandre Douglas, Nyesha Hernandez, Travis Roberts - tenor pan
Khyah Judah, Le'roi Simmonds - double seconds
Keifer Dover, Norzika Lewis - guitar pan
Lakiesha Danglade, Jonathan Williams - cello pan
Curtis Lynch, Alexis Schloss - bass pan

Rabbit Rabbit

Matthias Bossi - percussion and piano
Carla Kihlstedt - violin and voice

Two Rivers Ensemble

Amir ElSaffar - trumpet and santur  
Carlo DeRosa - bass
Tomas Fujiwara - drums
Ole Mathisen - tenor and soprano saxophone
Zafer Tawil - percussion and oud
George Ziadeh - buzuq

Women's Raga Massive

Priya Darshini - vocals
Camila Celin - sarod 
Roshni Samlal - tabla
Kane Mathis - kora and oud

Young People's Chorus of New York City

Francisco J. Núñez - Artistic Director and Founder
Alyssa Blake, Michelle Britt, Thenjiwe Buthelezi, Kelli Carter, Samuel Chachkes, Nadine Clements, Katharine Cook, Louisa Cornelis, Nola Dwyer-Hernandez, Dea Elezaj, Eloise Esseks, Maggie Feldman, Asila Folds, Celia Frank, Keerti Gopal, Naya Griles, Chyanne Gyemfi, Alexia Heurtelou, Nyota Holmes-Cardona, Bianca Jeffrey, Zoe Kaznelson, Kai Kelly, Irena Kogarova, Gabrielle Kone, Riya Koshy, Gabrielle Kuker, Ayline Le Sourd, Emily Ma, Rebecca McCartney, Evelyn Menkes, Francesca Michielli, Joy Motz, Jasmine Neal, Maya Osman-Krinsky, Kayla Phanor, Samantha Ratner, Elvira Rivera, Aiyana Roman, Thea Rose, Hannah Rudt, Sophie Saidmehr, Jeniecy Scarlett, Noa Scheinfeld, Thalia St. Hubert, Skye Tarshis, Kaia Tien, Theodora Tomuta, Tais Torres, Caroline Watters, Kaila Wharwood, Cate Whitman, Cierra Willis, Sylvie Winkler - voice

About Bang on a Can

Bang on a Can is dedicated to making music new. Since its first Marathon concert in 1987, Bang on a Can has been creating an international community dedicated to innovative music, wherever it is found. With adventurous programs, it commissions new composers, performs, presents, and records new work, develops new audiences, and educates the musicians of the future. Bang on a Can is building a world in which powerful new musical ideas flow freely across all genres and borders. Bang on a Can plays “a central role in fostering a new kind of audience that doesn’t concern itself with boundaries.  If music is made with originality and integrity, these listeners will come.” (The New York Times)

Over 28 years, Bang on a Can has grown from a one-day New York-based Marathon concert (on Mother’s Day in 1987 in a SoHo art gallery) to a multi-faceted performing arts organization with a broad range of year-round international activities. “When we started Bang on a Can, we never imagined that our one-day, 12-hour marathon festival of mostly unknown music would morph into a giant international organization dedicated to the support of experimental music, wherever we would find it,” write Bang on a Can Co-Founders Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe. “But it has, and we are so gratified to be still hard at work, all these years later. The reason is really clear to us – we started this organization because we believed that making new music is a utopian act – that people needed to hear this music and they needed to hear it presented in the most persuasive way, with the best players, with the best programs, for the best listeners, in the best context. Our commitment to changing the environment for this music has kept us busy and growing for the last 28 years, and we are not done yet.”

Current projects include the annual Bang on a Can Marathon; The People's Commissioning Fund, a membership program to commission emerging composers; the Bang on a Can All-Stars, who tour to major festivals and concert venues around the world every year; recording projects; the Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival at MASS MoCA - a professional development program for young composers and performers led by today’s pioneers of experimental music; Asphalt Orchestra, Bang on a Can’s extreme street band that offers mobile performances re-contextualizing unusual music; Found Sound Nation, a new technology-based musical outreach program now partnering with the State Department of the United States of America to create OneBeat, a revolutionary, post-political residency program that uses music to bridge the gulf between young American musicians and young musicians from developing countries; cross-disciplinary collaborations and projects with DJs, visual artists, choreographers, filmmakers and more.  Each new program has evolved to answer specific challenges faced by today’s musicians, composers and audiences, in order to make innovative music widely accessible and wildly received. Bang on a Can’s inventive and aggressive approach to programming and presentation has created a large and vibrant international audience made up of people of all ages who are rediscovering the value of contemporary music.

For up-to-date information regarding Bang on a Can programs, events, and CD releases, please visit our website at, call us at 718-852-7755 or email us at info [at] bangonacan [dot] org.

About Found Sound Nation

Bang on a Can’s social engagement wing Found Sound Nation hosts its Street Studio – a mobile recording studio equipped for passersby and Marathon musicians alike to spontaneously create and record original music! Located in the front of the museum from 5-9pm. Found Sound Nation (FSN) is a collective of musicians and artists who leverage the unique power of creative sound-making to help build strong, just, healthy communities. FSN partners with local youth, social organizations, music festivals, and artists across all disciplines to engage people from all walks of life in our interactive process of collaborative music, audio, and video production, in order to give voice to underrepresented communities, unlock the creative potential of youth, and bridge cultural and political divides.

Commissioning Credits

Steel Hammer, by Julia Wolfe, was commissioned by Maria and Robert A. Skirnick and Carnegie Hall.

No Anthem, by Michael Gordon, was commissioned by ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik für Köln for Ensemble Modern.

just (after song of songs), by David Lang was commissioned by the Louth Contemporary Music Society.

A Murmuration for Chibok, by Joan LaBarbara, was commissioned by and for the Young People's Chorus of New York City for its Transient Glory series.

Cellular Songs, by Meredith Monk, is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts, and the Goodale Family Foundation.


Marathon Production Staff

Production Manager Yisroel Lazaros
Stage Manager Robert Dyrenforth
Assistant Stage ManagerRobin Kurtz 
Lighting Design Jim Findlay 
Crew Aaron Garcia, Matt Finch, Jason Weiss, Matt Evans
Sound Design/Engineer Jody Elff
Monitor Engineer Sebastian Schenkel
A2 Stephanie Celustka
Broadcast Video Director Daniel Cashin
Broadcast Audio Engineer Stepan Dyachkovskiy
Live Stream Executive Producer Jody Elff


Bang on a Can Staff


Artistic Directors Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe
Executive Director Kenny Savelson
Development Director Tim Thomas
Project Manager Philippa Thompson
Production Manager Yisroel Lazaros
Found Sound Nation Co-Directors Chris Marianetti, Jeremy Thal, Elena Moon Park
Accounts Manager Brian Petuch
Online Store Manager Adam Cuthbert
Interns Aaron Garcia, Xanneal Herron
Publicity Jensen Artists

Digital program design by Peter Wise at Square Candy Design

Bang on a Can Board of Directors

Daniel Baldini, President
Jeffrey Bishop
Michael Gordon
Lynette Jaffe
Alan Kifferstein
Michael Kushner
David Lang
Raulee Marcus
Elizabeth Murrell
Robert A. Skirnick
Jane Stewart
Sandra Tait
Julia Wolfe
Adam Wolfensohn


Lead support for the 2017 Bang on a Can Marathon is provided by by ASCAP — protecting, supporting, and fostering the work of composers worldwide.

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Pianos for the 2017 Bang on a Can Marathon provided by Steinway.

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Marathon Supporters

The following generous individuals made gifts specifically targeted to the Bang on a Can Marathon:

ASCAP, Nathaniel Beck, Mark & Deborah Blackman, Stephen Block, Bill Bragin & Lisa Philp, Paula Cooper, Werner Defoe, Susan Feder & Todd Gordon, Janet Fink, Oscar Gerardo, Carol & Andrew Golden, Claudia Gould, Lili & Joel Hoffman, Jack Homer, Justin Hower, Mia Leo & Richard Kuczkowski, Kristen and Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Herb Leventer, Liz & Greg Lutz, Jeremy Mindich & Amy Smith, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Richard & Lois Pace, Steve Reich & Beryl Korot, Arlene Shechet, Matthew Sirovich & Meredith Elson, Axel Stawski, Billy & Karen Tanzer, David Tochen & Mary Beth Schiffman, Bonnie Wright, Cynthia Young & George Eberstadt

2017 Season Lead Supporters

Bang on a Can’s 2017 programs are made possible with generous lead support from Amphion Foundation, ASCAP and ASCAP Foundation, Atlantic Records, Daniel Baldini, Robert D. Bielecki Foundation, Bishop Fund, Stephen A. Block, Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University, City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs, Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Danish Arts Foundation, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, Exploring the Arts, Howard Gilman Foundation, Jaffe Family Foundation, Alan Kifferstein & Joan Finkelstein, Michael Kushner, Herb Leventer, MAP Fund, Raulee Marcus, MASS MoCA, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Jeremy Mindich & Amy Smith, Elizabeth Murrell & Gary Haney, National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts (with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature), Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Matthew Sirovich & Meredith Elson, Maria & Robert A. Skirnick, Jane & Dick Stewart, Sandra Tait and Hal Foster, David Tochen & Mary Beth Schiffman, Trust for Mutual Understanding, U.S Department of State, Williamson Foundation for Music, Adam Wolfensohn & Jennifer Small and Wolfensohn Family Foundation.

Live Stream

The Live Stream of the 2017 Bang on a Can Marathon is produced by Little Dog Live, a company started by longtime Bang on a Can sound designer Jody Elff to create dynamic broadcasts of live concert events. Q2 Music are our digital partners for the stream. Thanks to Alex Ambrose and the whole Q2 team, and as always to our longtime friends at WNYC, who have been incredibly supportive from the very, very start.