Todd Reynolds


Todd Reynolds is a self-proclaimed ‘solo classical violinist gone horribly wrong’. For years the violinist of choice for contemporary artists such as Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, and Bang on a Can, he’s also a founder of the string quartet known as Ethel. As a frequent performer at Carnegie Hall and in concert halls around the world, his compositional and performance style is a hybrid of old and new technology, multi-disciplinary aesthetic and pan-genre composition and improvisation. He thrives on a stage, whether virtual or physical, encircled by many speakers and a mission control with which to record himself and compose in real-time. His musical weapon of choice is made up of hybrid technology from the 1800s to the 2100s – a classical violin wired into digital technology running through Ableton Live and Cycling 74’s Max/MSP which was integral in creating his double-disc debut solo album Outerborough, released in 2011 on the Innova label. His thirty years of creating inside the music industry based in New York City have left him fortunate and grateful, with a bucket list of items greatly filled already, especially having collaborated with artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Todd Rundgren, Joe Jackson, Mark Mothersbaugh, and even Bruce Springsteen. He currently lives in the woods of Northwestern Massachusetts where he produces, records, coaches, streams, and supports like-minded artists through his education portal, Amplify This.

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photo by Bill Wadman