The Art Ensemble of Chicago

The Art Ensemble of Chicago presents A Tribute to Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Malachi Favors Maghostut and their lasting contributions to “Great Black Music – Ancient to the Future”

The Art Ensemble of Chicago is renowned for it’s integration of musical styles that span the history of jazz and multi instrumental group improvisations. Their musical universe is enhanced by the creative use of unique sounds and percussions-aka little instruments, traditional hand and stick drums, whistles, horns, bells, chimes, vibes, marimba, gongs of all sizes and an array of home made and found sound objects that serve each individual musician as an extension of their personality on their principal instruments of saxophones, flutes, trumpet and flugelhorn, double bass and drum set. Their live performances of original compositions written by all the members have also included elaborate costumes, face paint, props, theater, poetry, dance and more to create a visual, auditory and sensual spectacle.

Roscoe Mitchell – soprano saxophone, flute
Famoudou Don Moye – drums, djembe, percussion
Moor Mother – spoken word
Simon Sieger – trombone, piano
Junius Paul – bass
eddy kwon – violin

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photo by Mark Allan