Take Off Collective

Ole Mathisen, Matt Garrison and Marko Djordjevic, a.k.a  Take Off Collective, are ready to win you over by placing you in the eye of a sonic hurricane! Their brand of genre unifying virtuosic storytelling through improvised music, engages the listener’s imagination.

Shifting between open-ended cinematic passages; steamroller, head-banging funk-core; faster than fast swing; and points in between, each Take Off Collective performance is a case study of what happens when music becomes a playground for new possibilities.

Built on 30 + years of musical friendship, dating to their days at Berklee College of Music in the early nineties, Take Off Collective is an honest, interactive musical democracy – a chance for Mathisen, Garrison and Djordjevic to speak their musical minds in uninhibited and surprising ways!

Matthew Garrison

Ole Mattisen

Marko Djordjevic

photo by Fortuna Song