Jessica Moss

Jessica Moss is a Montréal-based violinist, composer and artist whose expanding body of unique solo works for amplified and processed violin, voice, and electronics transmit an emotive, expressive sensibility shaped by post-classical, avant-folk, noise, improv, electroacoustic, artpunk and ambient metal. Her albums are distinguished by a distinctively searching, semi-improvised, through-composed melodic acumen that often channels Klezmer, Balkan and Middle Eastern tropes alongside Minimalism and drone, with an ear for textural grit and timbral noise. Moss is also known for her long tenure in cult agit-prop post-punk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion (2001-2016) and performance / arrangement contributions to recordings by the likes of Vic Chesnutt, Big Brave, Sarah Davachi, Carla Bozulich, Basia Bulat and Broken Social Scene to name just a few.

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