Canland? Yes :)

So we've got some good news and some bad news...first the bad news.

We've now spoken to all the artists and partners and can now officially confirm that the inaugural run of our LONG PLAY festival has been postponed indefinitely. As soon as the world heals to the point we can once again throw parties and concerts, we'll LOUDLY reschedule. To all ticket holders - look for an email this week regarding refunds and donations. Our ticket hub Eventbrite is working with us to make sure we respond efficiently to all requests and concerns.

Since 1987 we've done our best to save, record and video as many of our programs as possible. We're now busily putting the finishing touches on an ALL ACCESS archive of all 33 years of music-making. We're calling it Canland. Our vision for Canland is that it's not just a museum-like catalog, but a meeting place for the extraordinary world we have built together over these many years, a place to connect and reconnect with the music, the composers, the performers, the experiences we've shared, and most important, with one another during this very unusual time of separation.

Here's just one of the magical moments that you'll find in our Canland archives. On May 11, 1989 John Cage took the stage before the marathon and read this mesostic...