First Fridays with Robert Black

Friday, February 4, 202212:00pm

Program: “Multi-Bass”

Angélica Negrón: La Isla Mágica
Julia Wolfe: Stronghold 

This month’s First Fridays program augments the solo double bass with pre-recorded tracks.  Angélica Negrón’s La Isla Magica washes over us with a bright and bubbly electronic accompaniment of joyous optimism.  Julia Wolfe’s Stronghold takes us into the dark and brooding world of a double bass orchestra with 7 pre-recorded Robert Blacks (and one live) in a mind-bending bass trip.  Come for the party, stay for the journey!

First Fridays with Robert Black is a monthly series of virtual mini-concerts featuring brand-spanking new, recently new, and kind of new music for solo double bass – streaming from his home studio in Hartford, Connecticut, at noon (EST). Whether you’re having your morning coffee in Los Angeles, or lunch in New York, or that first glass of wine in Paris, or a late supper in Tashkent, tune in for some cool and compelling music.