Bang on a Can at The Noguchi Museum

Sunday, August 11, 20243:30pm

The Noguchi Museum
Long Island City, New York map

Mei Semones 

Mei Semones’s sweetly evocative blend of jazz, bossa nova, and math-y indie rock is not only a way for her to find solace in her favorite genres, but is an intuitive means of catharsis. “Blending everything that I like together and trying to make something new—that’s what feels most natural to me,” says the 23-year-old Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and guitarist. On her newest EP and Bayonet Records debut Kabutomushi, Semones’s diverse sonic palette adds depth to her experiences of the complexities of love. Through the EP’s five songs, she chronicles infatuation, devotion, vulnerability, and saying goodbye in some of her closest relationships, complete with sweeping strings, virtuosic guitar-playing and heartfelt lyrics sung in both English and Japanese.