Bang on a Can All-Stars

November 2November 3, 2012

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Bang on a Can All-Stars Dublin

John Cage Centenary Celebration

November 2, 7pm
John Cage and His American Descendants 
John Cage: Indeterminacy/Variations 2
Florent Ghys: An Open Cage (Australian Premiere)
David Lang: sunray (Australian Premiere)
Michael Gordon: For Madeleine (Sydney Premiere)
Julia Wolfe: Big, Beautiful, Dark and Scary (Australian Premiere)

November 3, 3pm
The Music of John Cage & Brian Eno

John Cage: Improvisations (excerpt)
John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes (excerpt)
Brian Eno: Music for Airports (Sydney Premiere)

November 3, 7pm
Permission Granted with Ensemble Offspring

John Cage: 4’33’’
Kate Moore: Ridgeway (Australian Premiere)
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union
Terry Riley: In C